Database and Systems Development

With years of experience in web design, client-side and server-side coding technologies, Digital Star Fire can create virtually any application you desire to help manage your website's content, interact with other internal company systems, or automate things you're doing by hand!

Having the right tools for a website or an intranet can be the difference between a well oiled machine and a lemon. DigitalStarFire specializes in creating highly customized tools and utilities for virtually anything you can imagine.



MapRoom GoogleMaps with customized data-sources

    • automatic direction regenerations
    • customized admin control panel
    • on the fly changes & updates
    • unique links for each entry for sharing / bookmarking



ContactHistory - A completely original DigitalStarFire tool created to internally keep contacts and their history. Imagine receiving a form mail from a customer that needs follow-up or it's simply a name / email / message that you want to hang on to. How would you save it? Could it be easier than:

    1. receive the form mail
    2. copy & paste the entire message into the processor
    3. hit the 'upload' button

Additional Features

  • online database to store details from a form mail
  • automatically searches and updates clients based on e-mail address
  • adds contact history to clients
  • new clients are created
  • existing clients are updated automatically.
  • completely searchable
  • customizeable fields for additional inputs
  • automatically saves the original form information.
  • create groups of clients that can be readily accessible
  • automatic city / state recognition from zip code
  • searches automatically generate e-mail lists. Simply copy and paste.
  • virtually endless scaleability, with dozens of customizeable fields.

Digital Star Fire CMS - A Content Management system built from the ground up to be a practical control center for anyone and everyone.


      • Catagory based architecture
      • Free response system. Responses from users available to any and all subsystems
      • Automatic Image Resizing (AIR) System
        • Sometimes web site manages upload excessively large image files and then
          use image width / heights to scale the file down. The AIR system uses the
          dimensions specified in the IMG tag to resize only local images and rename
          the new files accordingly. All done without any user input required.
      • RSS Feeds
        • Any catagory or list can produce a companion RSS feed for subscribers.
      • Highly Customizable
      • Web 2.0 Friendly


Custom Shopping Carts - Whether you want something totally specialized or you want to modify an existing shopping cart technology, Digital Star Fire can tailor every aspect of your online presence to fit your company's online profile.


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