About Digital Star Fire

Digital Star Fire was originally created to generate some extra cash for a poor starving artist in college. Jason Manak had worked professional for a small design studio in Virgina in 2001 and after moving to Savannah Georgia to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design, the fledgling business began to grow for two simple reasons

    1. The quality of Jason's work
    2. Word of mouth

On a student's advertising budget (namely zilch), contacts had seen the work done and came to the enthusiastic artist for all kinds of visual art needs. Over the years, Digital Star Fire has worked in conjunction with web development companies like Veraprise and Green Egg Media creating websites, flash animation, brochures and hosts of other graphics projects. Digital Star Fire has also worked in conjunction with other professional CG artists on a not yet released 3D Animated Commercial!

Today Digital Star Fire continues to produce high quality websites and media aimed at giving individuals and small businesses a sharp aesthetic prescence on the web and everywhere else!


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